Chine 2017

CHINA 2017

After several meetings in France with Professor Yelin JIANG of Hefei University (Anhui province), we agreed for a trip in China. It is as european expert group in Cuora that we met the team of Pr JIANG, to exchange and transmit our Cuora breeding experience, and more particularly Cuora aurocapitata, an endemic species of this Chinese province, probably disappeared wild.

We visited a Cuora mccordi and Cuora aurocapitata breeding farm, and discovered the environment of the farm in the Huangshan and Dabieshan mountains. We were surprised by the beauty of the places and landscapes, and were able to get a concrete idea of the natural habitat of this little mysterious turtle.

Exchanges are still ongoing with Professor JIANG and his institute.


Place : China, Anhui province, Hefei university

Partner : Professor Yelin JIANG

Species : Cuora aurocapitata, Cuora mccordi

Mission : communicate our experience in the breeding of Cuora wih the team of Pr. JIANG