Madagascar 2018


In April 2018, the Madagascan authorities confiscated nearly 10 000 radiated tortoises (Astrochelys radiata) illegally held in a house in Tulear.

Following this record seizure, Turtle Sanctuary mobilized to raise funds with the support of Beauval Nature.
A mission was organized to help the Turtle Village in Ifaty. Turtle Sanctuary and SOPTOM responded by sending a dedicated team of specialized veterinarians, biologists and experienced volunteers to the site.

The on-site collaboration with Turtle Conservancy and PRT (Turtle Protection and Recovery), has enabled the construction of pens to receive seized tortoises and to limit health risks.
Cares were provided by the teams and protocols were put in place with the leaders of the Ifaty Turtle Village. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with the NGOs involved in this intervention as well as local NGOs.

Today, all the turtles seized have been taken over by the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) in collaboration with the local authorities to be placed in different reception centers. Turtle Sanctuary continues to get involved in Madagascar in order to sustain the future of these endangered turtles.


Place : Madagascar, Tulear

Partner :  Beauval Nature, SOPTOM, PRT (Protection et Récupération des Tortues), Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA)

Species: Radiated tortoise (Astrochelys radiata)

Mission : find a place for 10 000 radiated turtles seized by the authorities