Cuora picturata*

Cuora picturata

With a smaller range than Cuora galbinifrons and Cuora bourreti, Cuora picturata is the most threatened of the three.

Its habitat affected by deforestation and population pressure is considerably reduced.

This particularly vulnerable species is probably already extinct in the wild.

The last protected forest sanctuary known as its natural habitat, totally burned in 2014.

Despite this critical situation, Cuora picturata remains highly coveted for the Chinese market.

Species : Cuora picturata (Lehr,Fritz, Obst 1998)

Protection status :
CITES : Annexe II
UE : B
IUCN : CR (Critically Endangered)

Distribution : Vietnam (Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Dak Lac, Khanh Hoa provinces)