Geoemyda spengleri

Geoemyda spengleri

Among the 27 species of terrestrial and aquatic turtles encountered in Viet Nam, Geoemyda spengleri is undoubtedly one of the smallest and most singular of them.

Too little data currently exists on its natural way of life and this virtual absence of ecological information leads to an inability to truly measure the extent of the threats hanging over the wild population.

Although it still seems relatively abundant in certain regions, the biotope it occupies makes setting up a global program difficult and costly. Our field research has shown that the specimens evolve in mountain bamboo forests, often inside or near caves, with a forest cover of 70% to 90%, at terrain slopes varying from 5 to 45 °.

A cooperation of several actors will be essential to consolidate in a coordinated way all the research cells working on this incredible little Asian turtle.

Species : Geoemyda spengleri (GMELIN, 1789)

Protection status :
CITES : Annexe II
UE : B
IUCN : CR (Endangered)

Distribution : China (from Kwangsi, Kwangtung, Guangdong, Hainan Island), North Vietnam and Laos.