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The international workshop brings top scientists from four continents to standardize the threats assessment for tortoise and freshwater turtle

From 12-14 January 2019, an International conference has been held in Hanoi, Vietnam. The workshop sponsored by the Turtle Sanctuary NGO. Academic support is given by the Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Hanoi, Vietnam (CRES), and the Institute for Development, Ecology, Conservation and Cooperation, Rome, Italy (IDECC).

The three-day meeting’s aim to bring out a standardized scientific approach for assessing threats to world tropical turtles.

The workshop was witnessing the presence of the global experts from four continents: Asia, Africa, American and Europe. It includes IUCN TFTSG specialists, Global Wildlife Conservation, Turtle Conservancy, Turtle Sanctuary and Conservation Center, Rome University Tre (Italy), Manchester University (UK), Chester zoo (UK), Lomé university (Togo), Hefei University (China), Rotterdam University (Netherland), and Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (Brazil), Ho Chi Minh University of Science (Vietnam).

Especially, Executive Vice Chair, IUCN SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group, the “great father” Anders Rhodin and Deputy Chair, IUCN SSC Tortoise & Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group, the “great son” Peter Paul van Dijk of the Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group (SSC / TFTSG) have given speech and contribute the aspects on threats to turtle in tropical regions. While Prof. John Fa, Prof. Luca Luiselli, Prof. William Magnuson have specially spoken about the research methods.

After fifteen high-level presentations from experts such as, statisticians, herpetologists, ecologists, veterinarians and economists, it has been proposed and validated by common agreement a homogenized methodology. This will allow scientists to study and enrich the databases according to standardized protocols. This standardization will produce greater efficiency in field and conservation actions, thanks to more objective population studies. And the data will be comparable among studies when the researchers use the standardization methods. A point of honour was made on the importance of systematically integrating into these studies the environmental issues surrounding TFTSG.

Due to the importance of the workshop, the Turtle Sanctuary’s board member has spent over a year in order to provide the best preparation. It is with a certain pride that we announce the perfect success of this mission.

Thank you to all participants has spent valuable time to attend the workshop. And together with global organizations, institutions and experts, the Turtle Sanctuary commit lifelong to protect the tropical biodiversity.

Participants :

Dr. Anders Rhodin
Chairman of the Board, Turtle Conservancy
Executive Vice Chair, IUCN SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group

Dr. Peter Paul Van Dijk
Conservation Programs Director at the Turtle Conservancy
Turtle Conservation Program Director at Global Wildlife Conservation,
Deputy Chair, IUCN SSC Tortoise & Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group

Prof. Luca Luiselli
Prof (Ecology; Italian Public Universities Network) and aggregated
Prof (Statistics; Université de Lomé Togo)
Scientific supervisor Turtle Sanctuary

Prof. John E. Fa
Professor of Biodiversity and Human Development
Division of Biology and Conservation Ecology
Senior Research Associate
Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Dr. Daniel Dendi
Associate Professor, Economics (Ecology; Italian Public Universities Network )
Vice President IDECC Institute for Development Ecology Conservation and Cooperation

Dr. Gabriel Segniagbeto
Associate Professor Université de Lomé Togo

Prof. Nataliia Anajeva
President of the European Herpetological society, Prof Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr. William E Magnusson
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia – INPA
Coordenação de Biodiversidade – CBIO

Dr. Huy Hoang Duc
Ho Chi Minh University

Dr. Minh Le Duc
Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (CRES)
& Faculty of Environmental Sciences
Vietnam National University (VNU)

Dr. Truong Nguyen Quang
Vice president CRES

Dr. James Liu
Director of communications Turtle Conservancy

Tomas Zuklin
Lecturer & Research associate, Vietnam National University of Forestry
Member of IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management
Socio legal adviser Turtle Sanctuary

Sarah Ferguson
Traffic- Director Vietnam

Nathanael Stanek
Fordham Univeristy PHD
Turtle conservancy

Dr. Ron W.F. De Bruin
Associate Professor Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dies Buitelaar

Prof. Yelin Jiang
Hefei University

Thong Pham Van
Field research coordinator Turtle Sanctuary

Cedric Bordes
Board member Turtle Sanctuary

Olivier Le Duc
Board member Turtle Sanctuary
Project manager

Benjamin Leprince
Board member Turtle Sanctuary