Mission interview survey Rafetus 2022

Mission : structured interviews and niche modeling studies of Rafetus swinhoei

Cuora metabarcoding

Mission : determine the diet of Cuora by DNA metabarcoding

Mission Cuora 2019

Mission : assessment of Indo-Burma turtles in North Vietnam

Mission Rafetus swinhoei 2019

Mission : Structured interviews and niche modeling studies of Rafetus swinhoei

Vietnam/Laos january 2019

Mission : meetings with Turtle Sanctuary’s partners

Meeting Hanoi january 2019

Mission : standardize the threats assessment for tortoise and freshwater turtle

Vietnam october 2018

Mission : define the processes of collaboration with the different local institutions

Project king cobras

Mission : development and construction of adapted facilities for the rescued King cobras

Project R. swinhoei

Mission : elaborate a capture method and finance a workshop about Rafetus swinhoei preservation

Project G. spengleri

Mission : collect data about ecology and population of Geoemyda spengleri

Viêt Nam/Laos juin 2018

Mission : expertise for the construction of enclosures for animals from traffic

Madagascar 2018

Mission : find a place for 10 000 radiated turtles seized by the authorities

Viêt Nam Janvier 2018

Mission : observation of Cuora galbinifrons et Cuora bourreti in their natural environment

Chine 2017

Mission : communicate our experience in the breeding of Cuora wih the team of Pr. JIANG